Medical Construction

Medical and Healthcare Construction Projects

Construction in the medical industry is known for its taxing work schedules and special construction requirements.  When a new medical office building or healthcare facility is preparing for construction there is often extra time required on the “front end” work leading up to actual construction. This extra time is just not available for busy healthcare facility managers and directors. Healthcare and medical construction has many special requirements, especially in high-risk situations such as patient care areas and surgical suites. Many precautions must be taken to do construction projects and renovations in these facilities.

This is the phase where our services can be of greatest value.  Carter and Cline can lift the burden associated with site, designer and contractor selection while coordinating acquisition of required permits.  We can help the client avoid costly missteps by serving as the interface between the owner and the construction professionals.  The old saying is true: “time is money”.  While saving the busy medical professional’s time Carter and Cline will save him or her money, as well.