It’s a fact! Typically, most of the problems that develop between the customer and his contractor(s) during the construction phase of a building project are the result of oversights, misunderstandings and unresolved issues during the early, pre-construction phase. Whether it is change orders or unanticipated costs after construction has begun, many of these issues could have easily been avoided if the customer had received proper guidance prior to contract signing.

That is not to say that building contractors are disreputable. Quite the opposite is true. But they use terminology often unfamiliar to the general population. Additionally, they must compete very hard for business. In such an environment it is usually not to their advantage to suggest anything that will increase the price, even if they suspect it will be needed or required. Ultimately, the business interests of the contractor may supersede those of the owner.

The construction customer is usually an owner or CEO already overburdened with day-to-day responsibilities and possessing little if any construction experience. He/she must now take on what amounts to another full-time job administering the selection of the contractor(s). They must also often deal with other unfamiliar matters such as site selection, zoning, financing and code requirements. Is it any wonder that so many projects end unsatisfactorily?

Carter and Cline, LLC will lift the burden and guide its clients through the pre- construction minefield. We will put our decades of construction sales experience to work on his behalf. We speak the language, we know the requirements and we have the experience to make a job truly successful.

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