Religious Projects

Carter and Cline specializes in religious projects

The special dynamics involved with religious construction are familiar to us. Experiences with several religious construction projects have given the principals of our firm a strong grounding in working through the unique issues often found in this market.

The steel, bricks and mortar are the same as with any other structure. But a church or other place of worship represents the highest aspirations of a religious organization. Carter and Cline, LLC understands that, for the congregation and its leaders, a new building program must travel through what is often unfamiliar territory: a land of dreaming, planning, designing, fundraising and, ultimately, construction.

This journey involves countless hours of discussion, many important decisions and just plain hard work on the part of a lot of people. Consequently, our approach identifies a series of clearly understood milestones that help a religious institution develop congregational buy-­in while providing  its leaders with a means to measure progress.

Our customary milestones are as follows:

1. THE DREAM: The earliest phase is a time for imagining. Identifying and separating needs and wants, through congregation in-put and leadership discussion, is an important function at this stage.

2. THE TEAM: An assessment of professional expertise from the ranks of membership that might benefit the project often occurs at this point. Here site selection usually begins as well as choosing an architect experienced in projects similar to the one at hand. Often, professional fund raising assistance is sought at this point.  All these activities are closely coordinated.

3. DESIGN: The creation of an exciting, yet affordable site and structural design is perhaps the most critical activity of all. An attractive design and artist renderings can help with developing membership financial support.  Experience has shown, there is no benefit to a building that is unnecessarily expensive to construct and/or maintain.

4. PREPARATION FOR CONSTRUCTION: It is here that important choices occur in determining the construction approach to be used. Potential volunteer help from the ranks of membership, construction manager or general contractor, governmental permits; these all must be considered.  Carter and Cline, LLC will be there to walk with church leaders every step on the journey from dream to building dedication.  Calling upon our decades of construction sales experience we will provide guidance through the phases of project development where the most costly missteps often occur.  Our familiarity with religious projects will make us an important and reliable asset throughout the building program.